Tuesday, December 22, 2015

4E's Socratic Model: a tool for encouraging creativity in teams

There has been considerable research done on identifying antecedents of creativity and the determinants of organizational creativity but researchers are yet to develop an effective model for managing creativity within a traditional hierarchical management structure. It has been suggested that using the Socratic Method to create a learning environment within an organization is a way to foster creativity in an uncertain environment (in this context the Socratic Method is defined as a directed questioning technique to encourage critical thinking). 
My PhD research has focused on the use of the Socratic Method and how it can be successfully applied to an organisational context. As a result I have developed and tested the 4E's Socratic Model and produced a facilitators guide for anyone wishing to use the model to encourage creativity in their organisations.
The guide is attached to this post and can be freely downloaded. As part of the ongoing development of my research into creativity I would appreciate any comments people would like to make on their experience using the Model. Equally, if anyone has any questions regarding its use I would be happy to answer them.
4E's Socratic Model Facilitators Guide 

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